We have one common interest: that of our client.


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We are a small organization with clear-cut processes and short communication lines. We have a clear and direct way of communicating. We have one account manager for each client. And we have one common interest: that of our client.

Our working procedure is based on a tailor-made dynamic process. Starting with analysis (methodologies and research) we produce a visual positioning concept.
Factually this is a learning process in which we accompany every client individually.
This process enables us also to make adjustments and perform recasting: in short, it makes it a dynamic and human approach.

With this fundament we are able to coach development and design teams.
We can help enhance the quality of both the human and design capacity of our client.
In the end this brings participants a more profound apprehension,
and a more profound understanding – by learning how to see, how to interpret.


Tailor-made style themes, color cards, color themes and designer themes.
Price: on request.


Training programs and courses are always tailor-made and last a full
day. We work with groups of up to five (5) people or from 6 to 10
Our prices:
- up to 5 people: € 5.000,-.
- from 6 to 10 people: € 8.000,-.

Prices are exclusive of VAT, travel, hotel and accommodation expenses, but inclusive some training materials

Bäderforum i.s.m. Keramag.
Only for bath, kitchen und sanitary specialists and tile founders.
Price: on request.